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A Dog and His Boy (R) by grey_hunter
It is a dark time for the two fugitives. Although, Dumbledore has been destroyed, the Death Eaters have driven the two from their hide-away and pursued them across the country… Snape is forced to resort to desperate measures to protect Draco. After his mentor’s death, Draco's only hope of being whole again rests with the oblivious Harry Potter.

Butterfly Kisses (PG) by princeofblood
The butterfly was pure white, its wings flashing like drops of liquid brightness in the afternoon light.

Cat`s Cradle (f-locked) (PG-13) by dragon_charmer WIP
The war is over, and not in a good way. Harry finds a stray on his doorstep.

Draco the Wonder Ferret (NC-17) by Ravenna C. Tan
How Draco Malfoy weaseled his way into Harry Potter's house.

Feathered Deception (NC-17) by ?
A few years after the war, Draco finds a wounded eagle on the Manor’s grounds and his solitary existence takes an unexpected turn.

Felinity (G) by ms_semicolon

Flight of the Draco Malfoy
(G) by zionsstarfish
The seventh years
try their hands at Animagus Transfiguration. 

Me and My Ferret: A How-To Guide (PG) by Cherusha
"The Ferret is playful and has an incredible curiousity. He can get into places where he shouldn't be, so make sure your home is Ferret-proof."

Open Doors (PG) by zionsstarfish
Harry Potter is dead. Or is he? 

Secret Heart (NC-17) by alaana_fair
Draco had long ago admitted to himself that he'd fallen in love with the tiger, but he still refused to admit that he'd fallen in love with the man. That admission would simply cost too much.

The Cat Crept In and Out Again (R) by megyal
Written for a challenge-prompt by krisxd, who wanted a kitty!Harry fic.

Things That Go Meow in the Night (PG-13) by jennavere
Draco's Animagus form is not quite what he expected. Pre-slash.

Waiting For Darkness (R) by achiasa
Draco Malfoy disappeared sometime during April of Sixth Year.


He Was He and I Was Bunny (NC-17) by ?
The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?

Hiss Me, Harry (NC-17) by lddurham
Harry is turned into a catboy. Draco likes cats. Be warned... This story is cute and humorous.
Hiss Me Again, Harry (NC-17) 

Things That Seem (NC-17) by Maeglin Yedi #
A potion gone wrong. A desperate wish. A new future. And a...horse? 

# = loved

Know a good animagi fic? Please give me a link!

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